Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Indiana Art Fair February 21-22

The time has almost arrived. The Indiana Art Fair is right round the corner! And with that, the Signature Artist piece has been revealed and will be on display in the Indianapolis museum’s Frank O’Bannon Great Hall leading up to the event. Though plans for the event are pretty much finalized there is one last point of business – there is not title for the Signature Artist piece!
Here is your chance to get involved with a real piece of art. We are looking for a title for this year’s 2009 Indiana Art Fair Signature Piece by Bloomington, Indiana artist Cappi Phillips. To contribute, visit the Indiana Art Fair on Feb. 21 or 22 and visit Cappi’s booth (#1) to get an up close view of the piece and leave your title suggestions. The chosen title will be shared via the museum’s website by the end February. For more information about the Art Fair visit:

Moe's Ache Studio is honored to be able to create this year's signature piece for the Indiana Art Fair. Why a television you may ask? As a resident of Bloomington, Indiana which was once home to RCA whose televisions are featured in the museum’s collection the idea of a mosaic tv seemed like a perfect fit. We created glass tiles depicting iconic television programming. These tiles were incorporated with cut glass mosaic pieces and applied to a vintage television set that at one time was in the museum collection. Although the television is no longer receiving a signal, we hope it's still capable of transmitting signals and memories you'll find entertaining.

The television can be viewed at the Indiana State Museum's Indiana Art Fair February 21-22, 2009