Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mirror Cat-Meerkat

I've always been intrigued by those cute, mischievous Meerkats. And while my backyard is not quite the Kalahari, it is home to my version, a mosaic, mirrored, "Mirror Cat". This guy is actually a prototype/study for a for a "Cat Clan" commission I'm starting. The WIP will be constructed of recycled materials including, PVC pipe for the body, old wooden shoe trees for the arms and a yet-to be determined head.
My goal is not only to finish 3 cats, but to document the process. 'Keep checking back!
More photos will be available at:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Buck Stops Here

More inspiration for new art pieces strolled across the lawn this week in the form of a young buck. Our studio really IS in the city but you'd never believe it by the wildlife we see daily. By the time I got my camera he was headed across the neighbor's lawn and down the middle of the street.