Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas comes early!

There is nothing more exciting for me than opening a box of mosaic tesserae.  The latest shipment from Maryland Mosaics was exceptionally rewarding.  Not only did I get some wonderful tiles (at special sale prices), the whole shipment came wrapped in COLORED bubble wrap!  I carefully unwrapped each bundle of tiles, preserving the bubble for future use, when the light bulb bubble came on!  This will be the new booth!  I will make my walls, floor and pedestals for 2011 out of colored bubble!  When I tire of it, or it gets "unbubbled" I will use it as packaging, but in the meantime it will be re-purposed for the display.  Thank you, Maryland Mosaics!  I'm am "bubbling" over with excitement!  Look for the new booth  at the Indiana Artisans Show in March!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New pieces for the Deja Vu show!

I love this show!  It's not a huge art fair, you don't have to pay to park or get in, and if offers original, fun work from twenty three artist who creatively recycle and reinvent.  Work includes collage, mosaics, assemblage, jewelry, metal sculpture, furniture, leather goods, woodworking, and fiber arts.
It's always fun to discover new uses for old "stuff".  'Hope you can join us this Saturday at the Yes Cinema in downtown Columbus, IN.  The show runs from 10 a.m to 4p.m.
We're putting the finishing touches on some "upcycled" animal sculptures like "Rabbit Redux" pictured here.  'Hoping to finish a few assemblage clocks and mirrors using recycled and found objects if I can ever get off the computer, and back in the studio.

                                                       Tutti Fruiti Rooster Clock  ©2010