Monday, June 6, 2011

If I Only Had A Crystal Ball....

Well, it's not crystal, but our new gazing ball stand with cool blue tempered glass ball is finished and will debut at the Talbot Street Art Fair this weekend, June 11-12.  
Gazing globes as we all know look fabulous in the garden.  They also come with a rather fabulous legend.
A globe was said to bring happiness, good luck and prosperity to those who owned it. The globe was known to ward off evil spirits, misfortune, illness and, of all things, witches!  Some say the ball should be placed near the entrance to the house so that if a witch came to your house she would not be able to get past her reflection as she cannot tear herself away from her own image. There are other accounts that say a witch cannot bear to see her own reflection so she will not come near a "witch’s ball"
A more practical use for these beauties originated in the south.  Placed strategically by the path from the front gate, one could see from the veranda who was calling before the caller could see them, allowing plenty of time to prepare refreshments for their guest or to hide — whichever was fitting.
Whether you love the legend, or just the beauty of a unique piece of art in the garden, gazing balls are predictably cool!