Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Talbot Street Time!

I almost hate to admit this, but I think I did my first Talbot Street show 30 years ago!!! Back in the 80's we would pack up a load of "Harries" (the whimsical clay creatures that started this whole career) in my Toyota Landcruiser and head to Indianapolis for an often rainy, but always worth-it weekend.
Eleven years ago we fired the last kiln, put away the clay and transformed the workspace into a glass/mosaic studio. While our work has changed, our love of Talbot Street still remains.
We've met thousands of loyal patrons and artists, and always look forward to reconnecting with them at the show. We hope to see you this weekend in Indianapolis at the 55th Annual Talbot Street Art Fair . Look for us in booth #248 (across from the former Heron School). As usual, we have unusual, wild and wacky work!
'Fishing you a great weekend!

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Lynn Devine McDonald said...

Look forward to seeing you at Talbot St. Hope you have a super show!!!Lynn