Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fourth Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts T Shirts

Each year the Fourth Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts invites their members to submit designs for the annual festival t shirt. This year's submission by Cappi Phillips, a mixed media mosaic artist, is actually a collaborative effort.
In keeping with current recycling trends, the winner is actually an "upcycled" version of a shirt originally designed in the 80's by local clay artist, Nell Devitt. With the help of graphic designer, Michael Redman, the 2010 Fourth Street shirt comes to life with festive colors and an updated look.
Shirts are available now at Bloomingfoods,The Venue and By Hand Gallery for $15.
Patrons can also purchase shirts at the Fourth Street Festival information booth located at Dunn and Fourth during the show September 4-5.

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