Monday, October 4, 2010

Cloudy Days Upon Us

The Cloudcrest sign is finally coming together.  My first commission using Wedi, a lightweight  substrate comprised of styrofoam encased in mesh and cement.   This "wonderboard" enables mosaic artists to create large works while holding down the weight.   Hmmm...'wish it were that easy to hold down my weight....

The hand carved trout on the sign is a piece I acquired years ago from an wood worker who gave up his day job to be a missionary in South America.  I have lost contact with him, but the last I heard he was creating large scale sand sculptures on the beach in Brazil, with contributions from admirers earmarked to those in need.    The fish a little hard to part with, but the fact is it works perfectly on this piece and it's keeping with our up-cycling, re-cycling mission here in the studio.

Next step is to remove all the glass pieces, and re-lay them using thinset to insure the tiles will hold during freeze/thaw cycles the sign will be subjected to outdoors.

Grouting, sealing and more photos to follow!

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