Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas comes early!

There is nothing more exciting for me than opening a box of mosaic tesserae.  The latest shipment from Maryland Mosaics was exceptionally rewarding.  Not only did I get some wonderful tiles (at special sale prices), the whole shipment came wrapped in COLORED bubble wrap!  I carefully unwrapped each bundle of tiles, preserving the bubble for future use, when the light bulb bubble came on!  This will be the new booth!  I will make my walls, floor and pedestals for 2011 out of colored bubble!  When I tire of it, or it gets "unbubbled" I will use it as packaging, but in the meantime it will be re-purposed for the display.  Thank you, Maryland Mosaics!  I'm am "bubbling" over with excitement!  Look for the new booth  at the Indiana Artisans Show in March!

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