Tuesday, July 19, 2011

  • A recent article in Eco-Artwear Notes featuring our recycled pieces  reminded me that I need to start making mailboxes again.  
With the advent of  email and texting in addition to postal rate hikes and less "snail mail", I was questioning if we even need mailboxes anymore. 
But after some thought on the matter, I realize we do.  Ever since I was a kid the sound of the postman coming up to the door meant the possibility of something just "for me".
As a resident of a neighborhood with older homes, we have the luxury of a mailbox mounted on our porch.  I know the sound of the lid being closed, signaling that the postman "cometh" and among the (albeit fewer) pieces of junk mail, bills and pizza coupons there may be some correspondence of the old fashioned personal kind.  
So, I am going to re-visit my stash of "orphan mailboxes" I have acquired over the years and start tiling!  Maybe the "build it, they will come" idea will work.  A beautiful mosaic mailbox with a real handwritten letter tucked inside waiting for the recipient.  Nothing better! 

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