Friday, December 18, 2009

Have you seen these Missing Mosaic Panels?

On Wednesday, December 9th (a cold, windy, snowy night) someone took two mosaic panels from our yard and porch.

The Garbage' Mural (approx. 4.5' tall x 3' wide), my first attempt at an outdoor piece, had successfully hidden our garbage cans from view for almost 11 years. I guess I should be flattered that someone wanted it enough to steal it, but it is a treasured "friend" that will be missed by our family, visitors and neighbors.

The hanging piece (above) was done by an elderly man I met during a downtown Chicago art fair when I was first starting out in mosaics. Seymour Adelman approached my booth, shared a small tattered picture of his recent mosaic installation, (Dr. Martin Luther King in King Community Center), welcomed me to his studio and gave me encouragement. Years later, I purchased his "mirrored bird" piece at an auction. Shortly thereafter he passed away. It has great meaning for me, and it is a piece I would be grateful to see again. It is mainly done in mirror on plexi glass with a dark grey wooden frame. It measures approx. 36"x20".

We made a police report, and the officer encouraged us to notify other artists and friends. I sent an email to friends and posted pictures on Face Book. The response from the community has been unbelievable. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to respond and forward this information along.
While it's a long shot.....I still feel that someone may see these someday, and if so, please contact me or the Bloomington Police at (812)339-4477.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. May you, your family, friends (and artworks!) be safe and secure this new year!


The Kat... said...

I'm a great admirer of your work and was saddened to hear of your loss. It is amazing the nerve that thieves have. I hope your pieces are quickly recovered and the thief caught!

bamboochik said...

Keep checking on EBAY. Someone may have stolen them to sell. Ebay is becoming like a "legal fence" for thieves.

I am so sorry this happened to you. It is heartbreaking, I know.